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    Many people suffer from snoring. Despite the fact that this unpleasantness is so widespread, doctors attribute it to sleep disorders and argue that snoring can have serious medical and social consequences. If you are a “snorer” – here are 12 snoring solutions to sleep more calmly.

    Take a hot bath before bedtime

    A snoring occurs when the air through the throat or nasal passages is unnaturally restrained (in the absence of sleep, the body prevents the occurrence of this pathology). The air flow when traveling through the blocked (narrowed) nasal canals causes a snoring sound. Doctors recommend bathing in hot water before bedtime, wash the nose with salt solution. This will help open nasal channels and reduce the likelihood of snoring.

    Change the sleep position

    The National Sleep Foundation has found that certain sleep positions, such as long sleeping on the back, unnaturally change the position of the tongue and soft palate. The root of the tongue starts to touch the palate, which rotates when the air passes through the airway. In this case, a special full-body pillow can help eliminate snoring. Such pillow helps to sleep all night on the side and be a great snoring solution.

    Drink a lot of fluids

    When the body is dehydrated, many sticky mucus appears in its throat and nose, which further exacerbates the problem of snoring. On average, it is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of fluid per day (20% of the total intake of fluids is obtained from foods).

    Lose weight

    The snoring can naturally disappear when you lose weight, especially if you didn’t snore before. Excessive fat in the body, especially the neck, can interfere with the correct breathing and block the respiratory system. Because of this, a person can start snoring. However, weight loss is not suitable for all occasions, as sometimes snoring afflicts and slender people!

    Clean the dust

    Get rid of items that are collecting dust. Doctors say allergens in the bedroom (duster fans, old pillows, etc.) can be one of the causes of snoring.

    Avoid alcohol, especially before night

    Alcohol helps to relax. Unfortunately, it also relaxes throat muscles too much and prevents correct breathing. The US National Sleep Foundation recommends not to drink alcohol at least 4 hours before bedtime. Soothing drugs that also relax the muscles and encourage snoring should also be avoided.

    Do oral exercises

    With the tip of the tongue try to touch the top of the oral cavity and shake it back or lift the top of the oral cavity and tongue (the part of the soft palate that hangs above the throat) while at the same time saying “a”. A study published in a foreign medical journal found that certain oral exercises could reduce snoring in patients diagnosed with mild obstructive sleep apnea. More information about obstructive sleep apnea you can find here: Sleep Apnea

    Use nose strips from snoring

    If the above measures are ineffective, special nasal strips can be tested against snoring. If snoring is due to nasal problems, and not due to the soft palate, these strips can reduce snoring because they raise and open the nasal passages.

    Use a nasal spray

    It can help if snoring occurs due to blocked nose. It is recommended to use a seawater nose spray that cleanses the nasal passages, gently cures infections and does not produce any nourishment. But do not waste money on throats sprays. According to many doctors, they are completely ineffective. If the seawater nose spray is too weak, you should seek medical advice.

    Use air humidifier

    It is recommended to keep it in the bedroom, near the bed. If the bedroom is warm and dry, it is more difficult to breath and the risk of nasal congestion increases. The best solution is to use small and compact air humidifiers as close as possible to the beds.

    Try different snoring solutions

    Doctors, together with technologists around the world, have new technologies, devices and tools to help to stop snoring. Today, it’s recommended that someone who is snoring to try a special anti-snoring mouth guard. More information about mouth guard you can find here: AirSnore Review

    Other thing to consider is a special snoring device that gently shakes a sleeping pillow. Or try “noise-canceling device “, which can reduce snoring sound and etc.
    In the extreme case, a nasal septum operation might work as a solution. Inflammation of the tonsils and enlarged nasal mucosa (adenoid) can be the main cause of snoring. However, adults are rarely disturbed by these disorders. However, if this is the case, surgery can help.

    More tips of how to stop snoring you can find here: How To Stop Snoring


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