Top 11 Foods to Stop Snoring: Sleep the Night Away!

Foods to Stop Snoring

Snoring issues usually sucks the productivity in us. They lower our self-confidence and self-esteem, but more than that, it really gets embarrassing to sleep with other people around. While it may be regarded that snoring is a normal sleep disorder that are experienced by a lot of individuals, there are several methods to treat it.

Some immediate remedies for snoring are snoring sprays, pills, and snoring strips. However, nothing beats organic and natural foods to stop snoring and have a goodnight sleep. Listed below are top eleven foods to stop snoring.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a household name and is considered in the family of good fats which is healthy in monounsaturated fats. It contains large amount of antioxidants which are considered re-agents in making a good sleeping habits. It is best recommended to take a teaspoonful of extra virgin olive oil to maintain a balance blood flow during night time.


Turmeric contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties. It has been utilized in India for a thousand years as an herb and spice. These compounds are called curcuminoids. This also is regarded as an anti-inflammatory compound for it can inhibit a lot of molecules to avoid inflammation. Inflammation is one major contributor on why people snore during sleeping time.

 Soy Milk

soy milkSoy Milk is made from grinding, soaking, and boiling soy beans with water. This is a natural and nutritious drink. This is high in essential fatty acids, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins that can eradicate snoring activities in the night time; these nutrients supplies energy that maintains your body in its optimum level.

Pure Organic Raw Honey

Raw honey is one of the top foods to stop snoring and is considered to be a wonder food because it has all the nutrients there is to stabilize the sleeping routine of an individual. It can be mixed with foods and drinks but it is best recommended to take two teaspoon an hour before you sleep.

Kyolic Garlic Powder

This is a kind of supplement that is odorless and enhances cardiovascular health. It is made from 100 percent organically grown garlic bulbs. It also aids in decreasing major risk parameters and promotes comprehensive health of the heart.

Pacific Cod Fillet

pacific cod filletKnown as Gadus Macrocephalus, the pacific cod fillet can be a good dinner dish that has been beneficial in limiting snoring activities during the night time. As one of the top foods to stop snoring, molecular genetic analyses strongly suggest that Pacific Cod fillet contains natural fish oil that helps to regulate the blood flow during night time when no bodily activity is performed aside from sleeping.

Creek Spices

Spices does not only make food tastes extravagant, it also helps in reducing snoring activities. This is because of the fact that spices and herbs are rich in antioxidants and may aid in enhancing triglyceride concentrations as well as other blood lipids. People with high in cholesterol are prone to snoring and these creek spices helps lower cholesterol.

Lavender Flowers

This is an added spice which basically helps in relaxing body and mind and helps you get a good night’s sleep. A daily dose of lavender as tea or as spice can truly make a difference. You can also make this as an aroma potpourri during your sleeping time to set your mood.


onionOnions contain phytochemicals and vitamin c that can enhance one’s immunity. Onions also contain chromium which aids in regulating blood sugar. A person with high sugar content is prone to snoring. For hundreds of years now, onions have been one of the top foods to stop snoring and have been utilized in healing infections and reducing inflammation.

Saba Banana

Saba banana contains mineral and Vitamin B, which decreases the negative effects of nicotine from our body. Nicotine is one source of imbalance in one’s body and has a major tendency to contribute to a person’s sleeping disorder. Saba Banana can act as a balancing nutrient to decrease nicotine.


Cucumbers are considered to be an efficient source of molybdenum and Vitamin K. They are also excellent source of pantothenic acids which can regulate blood flow and minimize the risk of pancreatic disorders. An excellent blood flow minimizes snoring in the night time.

It is a known fact that snoring can be caused by mucus accumulation in the throat and nose. If you are allergic on medicines to drain mucus, an excellent alternative is to have a regular intake of these top foods to stop snoring. But you must not eat a lot an hour before you sleep. Ergo, if you get hungry, and want to eat, you have to ensure at least two hours before you sleep so that food intake is processed in its proper time.

The tendency is that one may not be aware of its snoring problems unless specifically shared bed or room with other people. You will soon have an idea as disturbed sleep can also make someone feel tired and a lot grumpy at times of the day. If you feel like you already tried everything and it is not working, then you have to re-calibrate your diet and food intake by including foods to stop snoring mentioned above.

However, while it is true that foods may aid an individual in eradicating snoring, snoring mouthpieces can be best recommended to totally eliminate snoring. While taking proper diet and regular intake of the foods mentioned above, it may be beneficial to use snoring mouthpieces because the approach is habitual and long-standing. If you are looking for long-term effects as well as beneficial results, mouthpieces are the best solution aside from foods to stop snoring.

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