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    Nitetronic has showcased a new pillow that is comfortable, softer and posts a lot of features. We should not be bothered if in no time another anti-snoring pillow will emerge in the industry. NiteTronic Anti-Snore Pillow is everyone’s dream and when you knew about it, you may want to try its effectiveness.

    Nitetronic Anti-Snore Pillow is produced by a German Company that began in the year 2011. The company has been victorious in the Eurpoean market selling more than ten thousand units and now has penetrated the US market.

    How Does it Work?

    The Nitetronic Anti-Snore Pillow monitor and examine your breathing vibrations and sounds. It also guides position of the head during sleeping time. It has built-in sensors and chambers which has the capability to sense snoring and will simply turn your head to the other side to rouse the relaxed muscles that is the reason why you snore intensely. These movements of the pillow are very tender to the point that they do not wake the user or other people around. If snoring materializes again, the pillow automatically inflates again.

    Calibrating the Nitetronic Anti-Snore Pillow

    Initializing smart apparatuses is a bit of a complex, but this wonder pillow is clear-cut and simple. Just replace your present pillow with the Nitetronic Anti-Snore Pillow and plug the pillow in the electric outlet. Put the base on a firm place or on the floor and simply download the Nitetronic app that will control the pillow. Yes, you heard it right; there is an app that will control your Anti-snore pillow.

    Exploring the Nitetronic App

    Nitetronic has enhanced and modified two apps to control and make the device. The first app is called the Nitelink app which is basically utilized to record your snoring activity with the use of a specialized microphone linked to your mobile phone. You can have it downloaded online and it will surely work well. It was basically user-friendly as compared to other apps. However, this app is still to be enhanced more efficiently because the app shows visible Chinese characters.

    The second app which was modified by Nitetronic destined for its Anti-Snore pillow is called the Nitelink2. This app observes and records your snoring by linking the pillow through your phone via Bluetooth. In terms of its accuracy, the app produces a sleep efficiency recording in numbers and you can see it in the morning when you wake up, to assess your sleep efficiency. This app produces efficient results like sleep information and head position efficiency. Nitelink2 was modified to aid Nitetronic Anti-Snore Pillow in coming up with a baseline snow percentage that can be recorded through time.

    In fact, you can initially utilize the app and not activate the pillow on your first three days of use. This is done to set your snore percentage and your baseline sleep efficiency. As soon as you have the date for your baseline efficiency, Nitetronic best recommends initializing the pillow so that you can be able to record whether your snore percentage decreases over time.

    Observations and Reactions

    The main issue of the Nitetronic Anti-snore Pillow is that it is a bit hard and firm and the level of comfort is a bit low. Based on the reviews, you won’t have any problem on the first night because you only get to utilize the Nitelink App without activating the Anti-snore pillow. The pillow is firm and you might have difficulty on sleeping.

    During the succeeding nights, you will not feel uneasy when the pillow automatically inflates itself. The inflation on the anti-snore pillow is minimal and not noticeable. While the engine does make a slight disturbing sound when it is inflating, you will have a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night making you unable to fall back asleep again. When you use the pillow regularly, you will get used to the pillow’s firmness.

    Verily, it was expected that the snoring rate will lower down to more than 50% when using the Nitetronig Anti-snore pillow. It is best recommended to use the pillow in combination with other apparatus such as airsnore mouthpieces and other devices.


    The Nitetronic Anti-snore Pillow has several benefits and one of them is the apps. It is considered to be an awesome combination with the said anti-snore pillow. The apps has the capability to showcase tangible records of your head positin on the pillow which can be beneficial to pinpoint what position are you most prone with snoring. The apps are both available for apple and android.

    Another benefit is the Trial period and warranty. Not to mention the ease of purchase, ordering is as easy as 123. The site accepts major credit cards and paypal. You can also get coupons online when you register on their website. The purchase comes with a one year warranty and it has a 60-day free trial in case you decided to change your heart on the product.

    The Nitetronic Anti-snore Pillow can be also incorporated with other device like the airsnore mouthpieces in order to get amazing results. Basically, airsnore mouthpieces are a lot more efficient because it can immediately produce beneficial results. Thus, the anti-snore pillow will serve as its reinforcement.


    Over all, its quality is at its prime. With its ergonomic prototype, the pillow would be a crucial enhancement for a lot of people. But as we have said in the previous paragraph, it is best recommended to pair it with airsnore mouthpieces or might as well utilize the mouthpiece ultimately. For people who want to realize immediate advantageous results, we suggest to adhere with the benefits that the Airsnore mouthpiece can give.

    If you are interested in knowing more about this product you can take a look at my AirSnore Review

    After all, we are longing for a good night’s sleep, and minimizing and even eradicating snoring activity in a fast turn-around time will give you sweet dreams with the use of Airsnore mouthpiece. So what are you waiting for? Use the silencer specialist! Airsnore mouthpiece at its finest!


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